Arsenal’s Woes

As I was working on my second step for my sociolinguistics paper about UK English, I thought I would take a break and write about something else that’s along the lines of the U.K.: Arsenal. If you’re an Arsenal fan, you probably know the ups and downs that comes with being one. This season was definitely one of the more unusual seasons though in that we actually were in it for all four competitions that we were eligible for: League Cup, FA Cup, Premier League, and UEFA Champions League. Yet in a matter of weeks, it’s pretty promising that we’ll go away without silverware yet again. So what went wrong this season? A few things come to mind: Continue reading Arsenal’s Woes

My Horrible Knowledge of the Periodic Table…

I got bored and was looking over my blogroll to see Jason Kottke post something about an Elements of the Periodic Table quiz. So I decided to take it… How did I do? 34 out of 118… That’s pretty poor considering I spent at least five years taking chemistry classes.