My name is Ed Pham and I am a data analyst with experience in working with machine learning algorithms and natural language processing. I’ve always had a love for numbers, language, and data and utilizing it to help explain and tell stories is something I truly enjoy.

I’ve gotten the pleasure on working on projects related to cancer detection, looking at bike share data, and even looked into building data visualizations for metrics for various NBA players throughout the years. I love working with Python, SQL (both Postgres and T-SQL), Tableau, PowerBI, and Excel.

I also have experience telling stories in the sports world, covering Major League Soccer (MLS), the Portland Timbers, and the Seattle Sounders for a number of years as a member of the Radio Cascadia podcast. My objective was to tell the Timbers’ story through a data-driven perspective and to help listeners and followers understand what was going on. I covered the first two trips the Timbers made to the MLS Cup on-site as media and was a co-author of two books covering Cascadia’s first two MLS Cups.

I’m based in the Pacific Northwest and enjoy being able to see all the natural beauty that exists in the region. I have a love for sports (particularly in basketball and soccer) board games, music, movies, and various forms of art. I love photography and taking photos (both with my DSLR and with my phone).

Interested in chatting with me? Feel free to get in touch!


Website Revamp

After several years of having this website, I decided it was time to revamp edpham.net. With a new focus and direction, I want to share my experiences working with data and storytelling. Let me know what you think!