Why Real Madrid will continue struggle against Barcelona

In the time that Jose Mourinho’s been at Real Madrid, he’s won only once versus Barcelona, that being the Copa del Rey final where they won 1-0 off a Cristiano Ronaldo header. That might not seem bad, except that they’ve eight times now. Three times in the Copa Del Rey, three times in La Liga, and the two legs of the Champions League last season. Now that’s a problem if you’re a Real Madrid supporter. But what is to explain for their struggles against Barca? Continue reading Why Real Madrid will continue struggle against Barcelona

Oranje vs. La Furia Roja

After 62 games played and 30 teams eliminated, we’re down to the last two teams remaining in the tournament: The Netherlands (Oranje) and Spain (La Furia Roja). To be honest, I think this is the match-up for the football purists. Two very solid squads with great passing abilities, great attacking options, and solid teamwork. Did I mention the fact that neither of these teams have won the World Cup either?

So it begs the questions: Who do you think is going to win it all?

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What A Game…

I’ve been a Steelers fan since I first started following football. I didn’t have any team I could really follow since I was in Portland at the time, so I went with a team that had some relation to my past or of someone I knew. My family started their lives in the U.S. in Western Pennsylvania, thus I chose the Steelers. They had a rich history, a lot of prestige, great stability, and played great football. So you can imagine what life was like for me when I moved up to Seattle and both Pittsburgh and Seattle clashed in the Super Bowl four years back: Total wrath, harassment, and hell from fans and even friends (of all people) that were from the Seattle. I was unfazed though. My team had won.

Fast forward a few years later. Steelers are making a run in the playoffs again. They get a bye in the first week because of their finish in the regular season. Then they beat up on the Chargers pretty handily, leading to third matchup with their biggest rival: The Baltimore Ravens. I had to watch this game. Two physical, defensive-minded teams battling it out for a spot in the Super Bowl.

And I definitely was glad to see it… and glad to see the Steelers come through and get a chance at another SB ring. Continue reading What A Game…