My Horrible Knowledge of the Periodic Table…

I got bored and was looking over my blogroll to see Jason Kottke post something about an Elements of the Periodic Table quiz. So I decided to take it… How did I do? 34 out of 118… That’s pretty poor considering I spent at least five years taking chemistry classes.

Who Will Win the NCAA Tournament?

This weekend is Final Four weekend. It’s a surprising four, as they are all the #1 seeds in the tournament: North Carolina, Kansas, Memphis, and UCLA. So the question is who’s going to win their given games? UNC or Kansas? Memphis or UCLA? Given how things have been going in the tournament, I think that North Carolina will go on to face UCLA in the championship game this Monday. They can match-up against both of their opponents without any problems. As for who wins that match-up?

And UCLA will pull out the victory against the Tar Heels in a close game. As for the Most Important Player of the Final Four, Russell Westbrook of UCLA.

Like Steve Kerr said about Shaq, “If it doesn’t work out, you can call me a moron. But if it does, you can call me a genius.”

Watching the Blazers lose to the Sonics in Seattle…

I had been looking forward to Monday night for the past few weeks. I had found out that my roommate managed to get four tickets to the Blazers/Sonics game. But this was a bit more special than most other tickets. A lot of it had to do with the fact that this could be the last game in Seattle between the two teams (which I will get into more in a moment). Part of it is the fact that my favorite team is in Seattle.

But mainly… It was the fact that it was free. And in the eighth row. Center court. The thought of being in your rival team’s arena that close and personal cheering on your hometown team…

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The Playoff Dilemma of the NBA

It’s mid-March, which means the NCAA tournament is starting up. However, it also means that the NBA playoff race really starting to kick in and teams are fighting for one of the final spots in the post-season. It has become a rather tight race in the Western Conference, with nine teams fighting for eight spots. While in the East, there are four teams fighting for their playoff lives and that last spot.

There’s a concerning problem though. While this seems to be a great fight to the finish, how is it possible that likely a team that’s ten games under .500 going to make it to the playoffs, while two teams that are over .500 going to be going to the lottery? Continue reading The Playoff Dilemma of the NBA

The Perfect Touch

Soccer these days has been largely influenced with the thought of power and strength. In order to score goals, one must use all the force of their leg to get the ball past all the defenders and the goalkeeper to get it into the back of the net. Playing three times a week and watching clips on the internet, I see a lot of players focused on two concepts: power and velocity. Whether it be while taking a shot, going for a free kick, or making a cross towards the goal. Every time I see something like that happen, it frustrates me just slightly. Sure, sometimes it’s my teammates that do it, but there are a lot of others that do it as well. Why though? Because it’s not always necessary… Continue reading The Perfect Touch

Rebirth of the Blazers

It was about the turn of the century when things started going wrong for the Blazers. They didn’t win a NBA championship, despite getting into the Western Conference finals again. They were falling apart at the seams in terms of team chemistry. The front office was antsy and wanted to see results. Things weren’t going as planned. So changes were made in coaching and player personnel. Eventually, it reached a point where if someone in the basketball world was in trouble with the law for fights in bars or drugs, you would assume it was someone from the Blazers team, hence the name “Portland Jail Blazers”. For a Blazers fan, it was frustrating. Continue reading Rebirth of the Blazers

A Fresh Start…

A fresh start… Does it mean starting from scratch? Or does it mean coming off from something previously? What does it exactly mean? Anyway, I’ve decided to start anew and completely write something new and more focused than what I have done before. Life’s more than just those things we see. But it’s more about the things that we don’t see in front of us. So what is out there?