Rebirth of the Blazers

It was about the turn of the century when things started going wrong for the Blazers. They didn’t win a NBA championship, despite getting into the Western Conference finals again. They were falling apart at the seams in terms of team chemistry. The front office was antsy and wanted to see results. Things weren’t going as planned. So changes were made in coaching and player personnel. Eventually, it reached a point where if someone in the basketball world was in trouble with the law for fights in bars or drugs, you would assume it was someone from the Blazers team, hence the name “Portland Jail Blazers”. For a Blazers fan, it was frustrating. Continue reading Rebirth of the Blazers

A Fresh Start…

A fresh start… Does it mean starting from scratch? Or does it mean coming off from something previously? What does it exactly mean? Anyway, I’ve decided to start anew and completely write something new and more focused than what I have done before. Life’s more than just those things we see. But it’s more about the things that we don’t see in front of us. So what is out there?