Hating on “FML”

FML. “Fuck my life.” It’s been the latest craze in terms of acronyms since Super Bad (I think) for the past year or so. I see it all the time, whether it be on a news feed in Facebook, someone just having a bad day and something small or minuscule gets added on to that, or just something totally random that’s supposedly “horrible”. But every time that I see those three letters together, it just makes me want to punch them for saying it. It’s probably become one of my biggest pet peeves as of late. It’s probably one of the most inconsiderate and unthankful things you could really say. Think about it. Things get somewhat difficult or rough, and all you can think of is, “Fuck my life?” I left my keys in the house… “FML?” I failed one exam. “FML?” Girl doesn’t call me back. “FML?” Something doesn’t go your way and you’re complaining to the point that you say “fuck my life”.

I’m just going to leave myself open to criticism by saying that people that say that are pretty selfish and unthankful. If your life was as terrible as it is, you might want to think again. Think about the people out there that have no voice or are constantly censored by higher authorities. Or the kid that’s having to run around selling lottery tickets to strangers in order to help provide food on the table for their family. Or the homeless guy that lost everything because of something that was completely out of his control. And yet, there’s that one person that thinks their life is more awful that they’ll say it. By the grace of God, you should be thankful for where you are right now. Because if it wasn’t for His grace in your life, things could be far, far worse…

Maybe I’m taking it a little further than people actually mean with those three little letters, but then again, you probably are implying something by saying “FML”. That something went wrong and because of it, you’re feeling crappy. But if that’s the case, so be it. I mean, if you’re reading this post right now, I’m pretty sure you’re a lot better off than 99% of the world population. But when you write or say something like that, think again about what you’re really saying.

One thought on “Hating on “FML””

  1. I agree completely. This aggravates me to no end. When I hear that it just tells me that the speaker is ungrateful for everything they have.

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