I absolutely dread it.

When someone says “I don’t mind having it for a few days,” they really mean, “Anything for more than a day and I’ll go insane.” I’m not one of those people. I’m more of the Pemco profile of freak-out-at-the-first-sight-of-a-snowflake person. Though, I wouldn’t freak out. I’d usually be bitter and annoyed.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s absolutely beautiful to see the sight outside your window of everything covered in white. But the moment you step outside of your house to pick up the mail, you’re freezing your butt off. Every step you take, your feet start getting colder and colder. Your hands start getting numb. You grab the mail and try to get back into the house as quickly as you can. You take off the five layers of wet clothes that you have on. You’re still freezing cold.

Try driving in it. I remember driving in it with a couple of friends of mine. We were heading out to go hang out somewhere and we got up to the top of this hill. Then we start skidding. Before we knew it, we bump into the sidewalk. All because of the snow. A couple of years ago, I tried to get out of my apartment in Seattle to go to a friend’s place. I tried to go up the hill out from my garage. Wheels blazing, rubber burning.

Moved a total of two feet after trying to get up for a good ten minutes. It’s worse than trying to get through downtown Seattle during rush hour.

Work doesn’t close when it’s snowing. Sometimes classes don’t either. Imagine having to have to drive through that with a bunch of people that don’t know how to drive in it. Talk about fun.

I’ve been hearing reports that there should be a considerable amount of snow in the upcoming months. Everyone seems excited. I’m definitely not (unless the City of Seattle decides to plow its streets and/or use salt instead of packing down the snow).

Sometimes I think God just wants to have some fun with us and see how we deal with something so beautiful as the snow.

That and see us throwing snowballs down each others’ throats. Now that I can support.

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