So for those of you that don’t know me personally, I’m very much a person that’s easily distracted by gadgets. Whether it be a phone, laptop, or something else, if it’s in front of me, I’m going to start playing with it.

My dad gave me a call a while back about his iPhone. He was asking about whether he should get the iPhone 4. Naturally I said to get the upgrade once all the bugs with regards to the antenna and dropped calls were fixed.

Then he said, “Alright. I’ll get it. Do you want my iPhone?” Sometimes I wish he didn’t ask me that question.

It was way too difficult to say no to the thought of having an iPhone regardless of it being an older model (3GS isn’t that old though). So I took it and I got a data plan for it. I think you all can see where I’m going with my distractibility and having a smartphone.

I have to admit though. It isn’t always too bad. It’s really useful to be able to email my advisor about trying to figure out my schedule got classes while on the bus or to be able to find the directions or reviews for a restaurant. It’s tempting sometimes to just have it replace my laptop to check my emails and other forms of productivity.

What it’s not good for is when you’re on a date and you want to check your email to see how classmates are dealing with a certain problem on the homework. Or people wanting to play games on your phone (rule of thumb: never get games on your iPhone). Or when you’re in a lecture and you’re checking your fantasy football team before your instructor calls on you asking for the output of a string in a finite state transducer. iPhones definitely have their cons.

Am I glad to have an iPhone? Yeah, it’s been a definitely good tool to have. But it can be quite a distraction too. Maybe in a few months after I write this, I’ll change my mind and get a phone that won’t be as distracting.


(Oh, I wrote this post on my iPhone.)

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