Nike’s Write the Future Commercial

I think this commercial is both awesome… and horrible:


Awesome: The first segment with Didier Drogba and all of the Ivory Coast cheering as he’s about to score…

Horrible: … except for the fact that Cannavaro (well, more of Italy) not being scored on.

Awesome: The part with Rooney being the scapegoat one moment and then hero the next. Oh, and hugging the Queen of England and schooling Federer in table tennis.

Horrible: Kobe Bryant in a commercial about the World Cup. Obviously, Lakers in such commercials is an automatic lame.

Double horrible: Ronaldinho isn’t going to be playing in the World Cup, yet Nike publicize him as playing. Way to get the soccer newbies’ hopes up.

Awesome: Cristiano Ronaldo megging Homer Simpson… And Homer actually realizing what just happened.

Horrible: Cristiano Ronaldo in a Nike commercial.

But yeah, in the words of Aaron Cohen (guest writer on on the commercial: “If this doesn’t make you feel a little tingly, you’re probably going to want to go on vacation from June 11 – July 11.” So true.

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