Random Musings – Bush’s “Accent”

… I was sitting at my program department’s lounge working on an assignment for a class with a few other people. After a few tangents, we got on the topic of G.W. Bush. I talked about how felt stupid for voting for him twice. Some of the things he did during his campaign. Then his “thick” Texas accent got brought up.

Now the funny thing about this is that I never really paid attention to his accent. I just assumed it was just a part of who is he. One of the guys in the discussion pointed out that his parents don’t have the accent as they were from the New England area. So that kinda made me suspicious. Then he brings up G.W. Bush’s younger brother, Jeb, and how he doesn’t have that Texas accent. So I had to look this up. Thankfully, YouTube provides a lot of material of Jeb’s interviews. He was right. Jeb doesn’t have one.

So why the heck does G. W. Bush have that Texas accent? How your parents speak and the accent that they have does have a pretty strong influence on how you speak when you’re growing up, especially the early years. Your environment does play a role, but his parents are considered a part of that too. The only thing I could think of was he changed it for the sake of votes. Make yourself look like a Texan, get the respect of fellow Texans. That was the perfect way to do it. Maybe someday, someone will catch him without the accent and put that up on YouTube for all the world to see.

Anyone have any other theories on this or can explain why G.W. Bush has that “thick” Texas accent when three well-known members of his family (G.H. Bush, Barbara, and Jeb) don’t?

… 32 days left until the World Cup.

… Argentina has arguably the “best player in the world” right now in Messi. I still disagree with this personally since seeing him in Argentina, he is nowhere near effective as he is in Barcelona. Probably has to do with the system. But I think people keep overlooking someone that plays up top, that’s been playing quite well in a really tough league, and should be strongly considered. Diego Milito from Inter Milan. The guy has been absolutely clutch. He’s playing in the UCL, scored the winning goal to win the Copa Italia, and is the leading scorer in Serie A. I don’t give much respect to the Italian league, but this guy is pretty good.

… I also think that Eto’o has been crucial to Barcelona’s dominance over the past few years. Three UCL finals in five years on two different teams. Seems pretty good.

… I’ve been dominating in fantasy baseball. First in my ESPN keeper league, not having lost a week. Second in my Yahoo! keeper league, with a rough early two weeks, but going the next three weeks with a combined record of 25-5. Knock on wood.

… I really should use my DSLR camera that I’m borrowing from my dad more often. Seems like a waste otherwise.

… Same could be said for this blog.

… Getting sick on Friday really screwed up my sleep schedule and body as a whole. Hence why I’m writing this at 7am in the morning. I’ve been up since 3:00am and I have to catch my bus in three hours.

… I heard the saying, “You never really know how much you miss someone or something until it’s actually gone” (or something like that). It’s pretty accurate.

… Starting next month, it looks like I’ll be traveling a bit more. That is… once I actually get my ticket.

That’s all for now.

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