Bye 2009… Hello 2010

Well, happy new year. It’s not only a new year, but a new decade too. A friend reminded me that we both had been around for four decades (80s, 90s, 00s, and now 10s). That’s beside the point. 2010 definitely has a lot of things coming. Two events that stick out to me are the Winter Olympics up in Vancouver is coming up quickly and the World Cup down in South Africa. But before looking forward, I felt it would be good to look back on 2009.

In 2009…

I learned what it felt like to not have control over my future, more than once.

I learned what it felt like to be in an accident that resulted in a car being a total loss. I also learned what it was like to be in that car that was totaled.

I learned how to give in to giving someone a second chance.

I learned how to write computer programs once again.

I learned how people and media all over the world can be so mesmerized over someone else’s death, despite not actually knowing them personally.

I watched arguably one of the best Super Bowl games that I’ve ever seen. I still remember what happened that night and had to take one of the trash talking words from an unlikely individual, only to see them go from see emotions of joy to emotions of shock.

I learned that even one of your most favorite players in sport can go from a loved figure to a villan over one play… May have been a big play, but regardless…

I learned that this year was not my year in fantasy sports…. Hopefully it will change in 2010.

I learned that maybe one of the best players in soccer overlooked is a diminutive little midfielder that’s playing for Barcelona.

I learned what it felt like to be in school again after taking a hiatus.

I also learned what it felt like again to have to study and work on assignments to the late hours of the night, only to get my paper back with a poor score. To learn what it was like to be humbled. That or what I thought was right was wrong and left completely confused.

I learned that almost ten years later… I still don’t like the Lakers… Or the Red Sox… Or the Yankees… Or the Patriots… Or either of the Giants.

I learned that love requires a lot of patience… A lot.

I learned again what it means to say that you’re a Christian… and what it means to actually live as a Christian.

I learned that Google Wave is by far one of the greatest innovations of 2009 that may pave the way for things to come.

I learned that as infallible as we might feel, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, we’re still fallible.

I learned that our future younger generation looks hopeful and optimistic.

I learned that as despicable as people can be, it can never overshadow the amazing things that people will do for one another, regardless of the situation.

I re-learned what it meant to live out your faith.

I learned that in the end, faith is probably the strongest thing we can have. Even after we screw up the first time, second time, third time, or fifty millionth time, there is still a God out there that will still stand beside us, willing to get us out of our rut or mess. For that’s the God that He is. Even if we can’t see Him in front of us, He’s there. For faith isn’t trusting what we can see in front of us, but rather trusting what we can’t see.

What will 2010 bring us? More hope for the better. Just after seeing everything that’s happened this year, good and bad, there is hope that thing will get better. But in order to do that, we have to live a life not focusing on ourselves but others. If we do that, who knows all the good that can come this year.

Happy new year and may this year bless everyone.

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