Random Musings (Google Wave/WC edition)

… First off. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Both in blog posts and in just making a post about random thoughts going through my head.

… The World Cup finals draw was last Friday. Man, that was exciting. Seeing how Brazil got paired up with the Ivory Coast and Portugal was ridiculous. That by far is the group of death. (I think Brazil and the Ivory Coast will come out of the group in that order). The U.S. got a solid draw with both England, Algeria, and Slovenia. However, for the U.S. to advance, they’re gonna need to solidify their defense and get some consistency. Else, it’s gonna be another disappointing attempt. And France… While they’re my favorite team, got their second lifeline being placed in the same group as Mexico, Uruguay, and South Africa. If they don’t get out of the group, they should fire their manager.

… Heck, the French National Team should fire their manager right now. He’s an awful leader, completely conceited and has no idea how to lead a team (2006 was only a success because they had Zidane, who was the leader of the team, not Domenech).

… The first quarter of grad school is almost done. Grades aren’t looking exactly good for my core class, but I’m content and enjoying the content and challenge that the course is teaching us. I can see some of the applications that head-driven phrase structure grammar (better known as HPSG) has. We’ll see what this material will lead to next quarter.

… If you haven’t heard this from me already, I love Google Wave. What’s an amazing piece of innovation. When it is officially released next year, I’m sure it will be the invention of the year… Even though it was previewed to the public this year. Real-time communication/synchronization is one-of-a-kind and probably will be the basis of future development into software of similar types. One example: I was helping out a student with their college admission applications by editing some of their essays. So while I was editing, the student could see all the edits in real-time. At the same time, she could comment about what edits I was making at the same time and my friend was editing it along with me… All at a total distance of about 1300 miles or so.

… I’ve found a new interest in The Roots. If you take the songs for the sake of an artistic value (and explicit lyrics as part of that), the sounds are pretty good. I’ve been listening to their Phrenology album and love some of those songs on there. The beats are really catchy and vocals are great. The songs I’ve been really enjoying 100% Dundee, Thought @ Work, and The Seed 2.0 (The latter two are from Phrenology. The first from Things Fall Apart).

… I probably should write a post about my thoughts from this past year. After all the life-changing events that happened this past year, it would be a disappointment not to reflect upon them.

… Getting Tyreke Evans as my second to last pick in my fantasy basketball draft has been my best sleeper pick in the past few years. Not my best overall player ever in fantasy sports. That has to go to Marques Colston in his rookie season, when he was available at both WR and TE.

… Evans isn’t the best pickup in my league though. That goes to Brandon Jennings of the waiver wire.

… Talking in front of people, regardless of them being a crowd of adults or a group of high-schoolers… I still get intimidated. I think it’s the feeling that I need to present something that’s amazing or thought-provoking. I should really stop having that mentality. If I could have the same fearlessness with public speaking as I did in say, my soccer games, I’d be amazing. But… I’m not.

… I really should learn to use my left foot for soccer. Took a shot on Saturday with it and it was pathetic. My right foot is still solid for shooting, but I still haven’t had a decent opportunity to score with it. The closest opportunity I’ve had was a few weeks ago. Had a powerful shot, but it got blocked. I was pretty disappointed that the guy blocked it.

… Did I say how much I love Google Wave? It’s still pretty amazing.

… I’m looking for a new theme. Prefer something more minimalist…

… So I saw one of the most crazy plays in Madden ’10. My friend was playing his fantasy team of the Indianapolis Colts. Vick was behind center and he does a play-action. Pocket breaks down and he starts running around. Eventually runs through the line, avoids about three potential tackles, runs up to the line of scrimmage, throws it to Joey Galloway who had two men on him, who walks it into the end zone. Touchdown. You can’t find a play like that in real-life. Only in Madden.

… This cold weather is so painful. 19F tonight. Thankfully, I don’t have to play soccer in this temperature. Although, I have to walk around in it, without a jacket.

That’s about it for now. Until next time…

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