Madin Mohammed, the next Zidane?

A lot of people put up Youtube videos of their kids as “upcoming talent” for whatever sport they might think they are. However, this kid seems like the real deal. Madin Mohammed is a six-year old kid that has a very similar background to that of Zidane: Family is from Algeria, he grows up in France. As reported by the Telegraph in the U.K., he’s already gotten a scholarship with the national football association in France and being tracked by several clubs already.

Take a look at his ability yourself: [youtube:]

I’m quite impressive with the kid’s ability. When people said he is going to be that of the next Zidane, they are very accurate. From the clip there, it’s not necessarily the moves that he can make, but it’s his calm as he attacks defenders and moves with the ball. That’s very difficult to find. There’s a lot of finesse and artistry in his style of play, which is hard to find in such a young player. I can’t imagine him not playing on a big club in Europe when he becomes of age. Talent like his is so unique and rare.

Too bad that the French National Team won’t be able to use his services for a while…

Thanks to Trenton for the clip.

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