How to Deal with Zombies

This was a while back, but this was a random conversation with a friend of mine about how he’d deal with a potential zombie attack:

(4:01:47 PM) Benji: I think it’d be kinda fun just to lay on a rooftop and snipe zombies walking around
(4:01:51 PM) Ed: lol
(4:02:06 PM) Ed: yeah…
(4:02:18 PM) Benji: just setup some claymores in the stairwell
(4:02:23 PM) Ed: haha
(4:02:37 PM) Benji: so if any zombies or other survivors try to sneak up on you then you know they are coming
(4:02:46 PM) Ed: obv obv
(4:03:01 PM) Benji: of course that doesnt really cover you if you have to eventually leave the building
(4:03:10 PM) Benji: but if you had a safehouse
(4:03:16 PM) Benji: on the top floor of a building
(4:03:22 PM) Benji: and maybe a garden on the roof
(4:03:24 PM) Ed: lol
(4:03:50 PM) Benji: if I ever become rich, oh man zombie fortified paradise on top of my building!
(4:04:26 PM) Benji: fucking zombies
(4:04:55 PM) Ed: lol
(4:05:32 PM) Benji: though that wouldn’t guard well against nucelar attacks…
(4:05:37 PM) Ed: yeah…
(4:05:45 PM) Ed: well, nothing would guard well against one 😛
(4:05:53 PM) Benji: or nuclear for that matter
(4:06:04 PM) Benji: well you could have an underground bunker
(4:06:13 PM) Ed: yeah, but then you can’t run away from zombies
(4:06:18 PM) Benji: so that if you survived you would have somewhere to live
(4:06:21 PM) Benji: exactly
(4:06:22 PM) Ed: just cornered yourself
(4:06:29 PM) Benji: its quite a dilemma
(4:06:32 PM) Benji: OOH
(4:06:35 PM) Ed: and if you run out of resources, you’re screwed
(4:06:41 PM) Benji: you could have a building that starts in the ground
(4:06:53 PM) Benji: then after the nukes, it can raise into the air
(4:06:56 PM) Ed: lol
(4:07:02 PM) Benji: to guard against the nuclear zombies!
(4:07:06 PM) Ed: rofl
(4:07:15 PM) Ed: i’d rather just build a death star and not worry about any of that 😛
(4:07:24 PM) Benji: and of course you’d have supplies that would last like 100 years minimum
(4:07:37 PM) Benji: bah, yeah but then you have to live in space
(4:07:45 PM) Ed: nah
(4:07:46 PM) Benji: and worry about those pesky rebels and ventilation shafts
(4:07:48 PM) Ed: you could come back when you needed
(4:08:05 PM) Benji: but then were would you stay when you come back?
(4:08:29 PM) Benji: and I guess the top of your building would need to be covered
(4:08:36 PM) Ed: lol
(4:08:39 PM) Benji: to guard against nuclear winter
(4:08:43 PM) Benji: and radiation proof
(4:08:45 PM) Ed: just bring a star destroyer 😛
(4:08:59 PM) Benji: lol, and land it on the planet?
(4:09:06 PM) Ed: nah, it hovers 😛
(4:09:08 PM) Benji: but then how do you guard against zombies?
(4:09:13 PM) Benji: ahh true
(4:09:16 PM) Ed: LASERS. DUH
(4:09:25 PM) Benji: psssh, lasers
(4:09:27 PM) Benji: weak
(4:09:30 PM) Ed: pfft
(4:09:36 PM) Ed: unlimited ammo ftw
(4:09:37 PM) Benji: its more fun to explode things than fry them
(4:10:16 PM) Benji: I’d probably have my building be a pyramid
(4:10:20 PM) Benji: that’d be sweet
(4:10:28 PM) Ed: like in stargate?
(4:10:36 PM) Benji: hell yes
(4:10:50 PM) Benji: it could be a star destroyer pyramid!
(4:11:26 PM) Ed: LOL
(4:12:03 PM) Benji: uber w00t
(4:12:09 PM) Ed: haha
(4:13:58 PM) Benji: I think with my luck, I’d end up getting eaten by zombies trying to get to my super secured anti-zombie pyramid star destroyer
(4:14:08 PM) Ed: yeah
(4:14:18 PM) Benji: fucking zombies
(4:14:22 PM) Ed: lol

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